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Broken connection
1 January 2001

The most important trends are discussed in clear language and the subjects and concepts are explained on the basis of case studies involving well-known companies such as Philips, Albert Heijn and Dell. The author identifies what a supply and demand chain strategy entails and how such a strategy can be structured and implemented. Management concepts such as JIT, ERP and APS are dealt with, as well as their translation into working ICT applications. The last chapter deals with performance measurement and reporting.

1 December 2000

Middle management for a long time seemed to have been blacklisted. However, during recent years the tide appears to be turning and middle management is being given an important function in the new management concepts. This book describes the changing context within which middle management is required to perform its work and identifies middle management's shifting tasks and roles on the basis of case studies conducted in a dozen companies.

excellent hrm
20 January 2000

Berenschot HRM and the journal Personeelsbeleid (Personnel Policy) carried out a research project in 1999 to determine how companies in the Netherlands implement their personnel policies in concrete terms, including the degree of professionalism and effectiveness. It turned into a competition with a true winner selected from five nominees: Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authority), Cypres Informatisering, Pink Elephant, SCA Packaging Benelux (the winner) and Syntegra.

De tekens van de nieuwe tijd
1 February 1999

The way in which we interact with each other is changing fast. New, intangible forms of relationships are emerging and undermining the structures of familiar associations like families, companies and clubs. The network is everywhere. In this book, the authors embark on an exploration of these new phenomena and speculate about how to proceed.

1 January 1999

Using a conceptual framework, concrete HRM and other applications, and several case studies from actual practice, this book describes how the competencies within an organisation can be managed. The authors indicate that competency management's strength is to be found in particular in a continuous dialogue between the individual and the organisation. This relationship is established by linking the organisation's core competencies to employee competencies on the basis of the organisation's structure.

Franchising voor de overheid
1 January 1999

Organising government organisations like the Kruidvat, MacDonald's or the Rabobank. No mergers and administrative upscaling, but franchising with a head office and independent units which are their own boss and which each ‘retain their clients' on the basis of quality and innovation.

Organisatiebesturing: koers uitzetten en koers houden
2 January 1998

Based on research in companies like Ericsson, Oce, ABB, Nokia, Volvo, Bosch and SGS-Thomson, the authors show that management is mainly a question of creating and disrupting balance.

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