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21 April 2017

Pionieren in participatieland [Pioneering in the World of Citizen Participation] is not a plea for or against citizen participation, but a book that as objectively as possible illustrates all aspects of the debate and reflects the reality of local administration.

12 December 2014

Never be caught out by the latest management jargon again.

Management models provide a handy framework for improving business performance and making effective business decisions. They are essential tools for managers, consultants and business students alike.

This new edition of Key Management Models provides short, practical overviews of established and cutting-edge management best practice. So whether you want new tools to help you adapt to a constantly changing digital and global environment or are looking for timeless classics, you’ll find wonder what you ever did without it!

16 July 2014

Reputation and trust: the central theme of Agri & Food Trends 2014. In the last five years, the agrifood industry was hit by a number of scandals. As a result, consumer trust has been negatively affected. However, research shows that many organisations in the agrifood sector rate the perception of the industry as ‘excellent’. The question arises: does the sector need to become more confident and reflective? And what does the sector need to do to regain consumer trust?

voorkant boek 3D-printing Onno Ponfoort
10 June 2014

Successful Business Models for 3D Printing is the first comprehensive overview of the business impact of 3D printing. It describes the many advantages and the business impact of 3D printing. With more than 20 in-depth cases it gives a wealth of practical and real life examples. It is also based on the vast experience of Berenschot in the 3D printing arena.

28 February 2014

Nederlandse ondernemingen blijven naarstig op zoek naar nieuwe businessmodellen in 2013. Ondernemers en bestuurders zoeken hierin de oplossing voor de teruglopende omzetten en rendementen. Ook probeert men door nieuwe businessmodellen te ontkomen aan de ‘ouderwetse' prijsconcurrentie, die als hevig wordt ervaren. De vraag is dus of het een nieuw spel wordt of dat de oude regels de overhand houden in de concurrentie.

18 February 2014

Broadband is an item on the agenda of many municipalities, provinces and housing associations. The need for fast and reliable communications on the part of enterprises and citizens is continuously increasing. The way to provide sufficient capacity for the future is to install a new fibre optic network to all homes and organisations. The market does not seem to embrace this idea as yet, which is why local governments support the installation of broadband fibre networks in their regions and are preparing plans accordingly.

The 8 steps to strategic succes
8 January 2014

Strategy is a process of developing the corporate future. While organizations acknowledge the importance of strategy creation and execution, all too often, they don’t get the required results. Strategy consultants van den Berg and Pietersma present an 8-step process for creating a strategy that really delivers. For each step, they describe the key parts of the process, how to avoid the potential pitfalls, and point to the most useful strategic models and frameworks. Readers can see the process in action by following the case study that unfolds throughout the book.

Agrofood Strategy Trends 2013
14 May 2013

In this second edition of the Agrofood Strategy Trends, research clearly shows that price competition as a strategic issue is of great importance for companies in the agro-food. The report contains the ingredients that you can use to think about your own strategy.

18 April 2013

The first E-I consulting Group Strategy Trends 2013 Survey aims to provide insights in the strategic priorities of European companies, their preferred strategies, how do they want to distinguish themselves from their competitors, how do they formulate their strategies and to what degree they are able to realize their strategic objectives.

Strategy Trends 2013
18 February 2013

Dutch companies continue to desperately look for new business models in 2013. In these models, entrepreneurs and managers seek the solution to declining turnover and revenue. Through new business models, they also try to avoid ‘old fashioned' price competition, which is currently experienced as fierce. The question is therefore whether it will become a new game or whether the old rules will dominate in the competition.

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