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Opportunity Card promotes sustainable growth of rubber and plastics market

Dutch Rubber & Plastics Federation (NRK) Press Release
9 February 2012

The NRK PRIMA Business Opportunity Card helps companies in the rubber and plastics industry shape their future. The Opportunity Card, designed to boost innovation and sustainability, was made available to NRK members in January. The card classifies opportunities designed to save costs and develop new products and services. The key message to the market is that sustainability offers opportunities to create a better world while still making money. Berenschot oversaw the development of the opportunity card.

Many companies, coordinated by Berenschot, worked on the Opportunity Card in the context of the Long-term Agreements on Energy Efficiency (LTA3) Programme being implemented by NL Agency (click here to download the Opportunity Card). Participants attended interviews, meetings and workshops. The card is the follow-up to a preliminary study conducted in 2010 that described opportunities to make money with sustainability. The Opportunity Card details three spearheads that enable new revenue to be generated over the short term: switching from oil to carbon chains comprising bio-based materials, manufacturing sustainable products and closing the materials loop. These themes are explained on the basis of clear tables, figures and examples from the market, supplemented by numerous innovation projects and an array of promising collective projects.

Shaping one's own future

The Opportunity Card (96 pages) provides a clear overview of the trends in society, the market, technology and business operations, linked to concrete projects. Companies can actively anticipate these trends by working on new products, in individual or collective projects. Companies can also easily call on NRK, NL Agency, Syntens, DPI Value Centre or the Windesheim and Stenden universities of applied sciences for support via http://www.innovatienetwerk-rki.nl/.

It is precisely the projected acceleration of innovation related to sustainable products that will enable the sector to save twice as much energy within the chain by 2030 as that used to manufacture its products. The calculated savings amount to a total of 20 petajoules, equivalent to the annual energy consumed by approximately 350,000 households. The NRK PRIMA Business Opportunity Card provides the sector with a document that it can use to shape its own sustainable and specific future. NRK members can obtain free copies of the Opportunity Card via email.

Long-term Agreement (LTA3) Programme

The Long-term Agreements on Energy Efficiency (LTA3) covenant concerns agreements between the Dutch government and the business community designed to use energy effectively and efficiently, and is primarily focused on energy-intensive sectors. It is expected to generate an average improvement in energy efficiency by 2% a year.

The NRK has actively participated in the LTA since its inception. On average, around 100 companies in the rubber and plastics industry participate in the LTA. Besides production-related savings, over a period of 10 years companies in this sector improved their efficiency by just under 50% by recycling raw materials, producing energy efficient products and by using sustainable energy.

NRK spokesperson for the Rubber and Plastics Industry

The NRK promotes the interests of the rubber and plastics industry (turnover of € 7.5 billion; 95% SME; employs approx. 40,000 workers). The companies supply a wide range of components, modules and end products for use in industry and trade, the building industry, the packaging industry and consumer products. Export represents over 60% and in recent years has been growing at an average rate of 7%.
Nearly 450 companies, clustered in 20 sector associations, are members of the NRK. Using the slogan ‘Sustainable Enterprise. Pleased with rubber and plastics products!', the NRK assigns priority to a healthy climate in the manufacturing industry, competitive strength, innovation and knowledge transfer, schooling and professional training, energy savings, promoting the environment and recycling, a Sector-specific CLA, image improvement and promoting the use of rubber and plastics products.


Joost Krebbekx, Senior Managing Consultant Berenschot (right) presents the 'PRIMA Business Opportunity Card for the Rubber and Plastics Industry' to NRK Chairman Joan Hanegraaf.

Press Release

This is a press release by the Dutch Rubber & Plastics Federation (NRK).

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