NRK companies opt for joint implementation of ISO 26000

Press release
28 February 2014

The Hague, 20 February 2014

The Dutch Federation of Rubber and Plastics Industry (NRK) and its 34 members have jointly started implementing the CRS guidelines of ISO 26000. NRK is collaborating with NEN, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, and Berenschot consultancy to implement a broad-based sustainability statement.

The 34 companies that make up NRK are drafting individual Sustainability Reports to implement ISO 26000. They are sharing their knowledge and experience with each other based on a joint action plan. This not only saves them time and money, it also allows them to learn from each other.

ISO 26000 is an international guideline for implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in an organisation, which sets out a framework within which sustainability principles can be implemented. The Sustainability Report allows companies to show their stakeholders how they have implemented the guidelines of ISO 26000. This report includes all CSR issues that relate to the rubber and plastics industry, including bio-based materials, recycling, personal safety and sustainable products.

The use of ISO 26000 highlights CSR opportunities and how individual companies can capitalise on these opportunities. The companies are jointly working on a basic version of the individual Sustainability Report, part of which will include mapping relevant stakeholder groups, CSR issues and actions and starting a stakeholder dialogue with customers, suppliers, employees and governments.

The project was officially launched in January and will be managed by Berenschot consultancy. The abridged versions of the individual Sustainability Report will be released in June. At the same time, NEN and NRK will set up a digital helpline together with the companies (question/answer system) that will allow the companies to draft their own individual Sustainability Report ISO 26000 and set out their improvements in the organisation using the Corporate Records.

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NRK, Erik de Ruijter +31 70 4440670, +31 6 20004513 or



NRK represents the interests of companies in the rubber and plastics industry (sales 8 billion Euros, 95% SMEs, about 32,000 jobs). The companies provide a wide variety of components, modules and finished products for use in industry and commerce, construction, packaging and consumer products. Exports have accounted for up to over 65% of earnings in recent years and continue to grow by an average of 7%.

In the NRK, approximately 470 companies are grouped into 20 industry associations. Under the motto "Sustainability. Happy with rubber and plastic products", the NRK prioritizes a healthy environment for the manufacturing industry, competitiveness, innovation and knowledge transfer, education and professional training, energy conservation, a better environment and recycling, the sector-specific collective bargaining agreement, image improvement and encouraging the use of rubber and plastic products.


Proper agreements on products, services and processes are important. These agreements become absolutely vital when safety is at stake. They include agreements on playground equipment, children's clothing, emergency lighting or evacuation plans, but there are also agreements on debt, customer contact and of course CSR. In the Netherlands, NEN is the knowledge network for the development and application of standards. NEN helps companies and other groups reach clear and enforceable mutual agreements. NEN represents Dutch companies and groups in the contracting of agreements with standardisation centres in other countries at European level and even at a global level. 270 employees work at NEN.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. It helps with grants, finding business partners, know-how and compliance with laws and regulations. The Agency works at the instigation of ministries and the European Union.


Berenschot is an independent consultancy firm with 350 employees worldwide. For over 75 years it has impressed customers in the public and private sectors with the clever and original insights it acquires and renders applicable. This is done by combining innovation and creativity over and over again. Customers choose Berenschot because its advice gives them a competitive edge. Berenschot’s office is staffed with inspired and determined individuals who all share the same passion: organising i.e. transforming complex issues into practicable solutions. Thanks to its broad sphere of activity and extensive expertise, customers can turn to Berenschot for a wide-range of assignments and projects. Berenschot is also able to put together multi-disciplinary teams to tackle all aspects of an issue.


Note to the editor

For additional information, please contact:

NRK, Erik de Ruijter, 070-4440670, 06-20004513 or

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