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Michael van der Velden new Chairman of the Council of Organisation Consulting Firms (ROA)

Press release
2 December 2013

The Council of Organisation Consulting Firms (Raad van Organisatie-Adviesbureaus, or ROA) has appointed Michael van der Velden as its Chairman. Van der Velden succeeds Ellen Pepper, who has occupied this position since 2011.

Michael van der Velden (1963) is a partner in Andersson Elffers Felix (AEF) in Utrecht. He has over 23 years of experience as an organisation consultant in various sectors. He has been a member of the ROA Management Board since 2006, the last two years as Vice-chairman. In his role as Chairman, Van der Velden will focus on further strengthening the professional organisation consulting sector’s positioning.

Van der Velden: ‘The ROA firms supply independent consulting and support. They perform their work on the basis of professionalism, solid subject matter knowledge and a respectable dose of experience (and they charge justifiable rates for their services). As such, these firms distinguish themselves from firms providing average flex capacity and from players who are out for a quick buck. We will be promoting these differentiating factors more vigorously.’

The Council of Organisation Consulting Firms unites the best Dutch organisation consulting firms. These firms are driven to provide independent advice that matters and adhere to high professional standards. They invest a great deal in knowledge and professional development and in the professionalisation of their consultants.

All ROA members are registered in the Organisation Consulting Quality Register and are ISO-certified. ROA members keep the consulting profession’s standard high on the basis of the profession’s Code of Conduct. They can be held to account on the basis of a system of independent disciplinary law.

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