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Marketing trends 2012: Effective use of social media a priority in 2012

Press Release
25 April 2012

Nearly 50% of marketers consider the effective use of social media a priority. Nevertheless the opportunity for dialogue with the customer continues to be underutilised. This was the finding of Berenschot's ninth Marketing Trends Survey, which will be presented today during The Marketing Days in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the Netherlands. More than 700 marketers offered their opinions.

Social media, together with ‘customer focus' and ‘authenticity', are the top trends in 2012. What is striking is that marketers mainly want to use social media to get out their own message. The opportunity to enter a dialogue with the customer (which social media also offers) continues to be underutilised. Marketers in the industrial sector in particular say that they plan to use social media due to the cost advantages for the marketing budget.

Approximately 35% of the marketers see ‘customer focus' as an important trend. In the financial sector, nearly 50% even say that they plan to take advantage of this trend. The public sector in contrast scores very low when it comes to ‘customer focus': only about 25% identify customer focus as a priority. I similar picture develops when looking at ‘authenticity'. This trend is in third place (30% of the marketers consider it to be a priority), and the trend scores very low among marketers in the public sector: less than 10%.

Other top trends are ‘mobile marketing' (26%), ‘innovation' (20%) and ‘accountability' (19%). Marketers expect the trends to have an impact mainly on promotion (63%) and product development (44%). The marketers expect a more limited effect to be felt by channel management (34%) and price policy (22%).

In terms of position the participants in the Marketing Trends Survey were evenly divided among senior management (30%), marketing and sales management (30%) and more operational level (20%). As expected, more attention on senior management level is given to innovation and the earning model, while marketing management level and communication specialists generally look at the relevance.

The Berenschot Marketing Trends Survey is a long-term trend study, with which the developments of the trends in marketing are being recorded. Furthermore the research provides information on differences in trends between sectors and examples with regard to the utilisation of trends in practice. This year the study was organised for the ninth consecutive year. "It's precisely the following of the development of trends over the years that gives this study its unique value," says Onno Ponfoort of Berenschot.

The 2012 Marketing Trends Survey is the result of the efforts of:


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