Marketing Trend Survey: Customer focus top trend 2013

Press release
9 April 2013

Nearly 50% of the marketers claim that customer focus is their main task in 2013. Together with social media and authenticity, putting the customer first will be the primary focus of most marketers. That is the outcome of Berenschot's tenth Marketing Trend Survey in which over 350 marketers took part and which is published today in Marketing Tribune. Although the situation varies considerably per sector, all marketers will have to dig deeper to really win over the customer.

Compared with 2012, ‘Customer Focus - now number 1 - and ‘Social Media' - now number 2 - changed places. As in 2012, authenticity is number 3. ‘Innovation and idea generation' rose to number 4. ‘Storytelling' is a new entry at number 5. Besides ‘mobile marketing', ‘cooperation' and ‘CSR', the top 10 features two new subjects: ‘conversion' and ‘transparency'. "In a shrinking market with increasing competition, customers want more for less money. By promoting a closer relationship with their customers, marketers are trying to prevent switch behaviour", explains Berenschot's Onno Ponfoort.

In the ten years that this survey has been carried out, the situation in each sector has never been so diverse. Marketers in retail and food say that they will start focusing on other subjects than their colleagues in business services. And marketers in industry have yet another picture. However, there is little difference between marketers working at board, management or executive level. The sector therefore really determines the focus. "It underlines the view that the marketer must dig deeper and in particular identify with the specific situation in which each individual customer finds himself ", says Ponfoort, who will be presenting the other results of the survey during the Multichannel days on 23 and 24 April 2013 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Berenschot's Marketing Trend Survey outlines the developments in marketing trends. The study also provides information about differences in trends between sectors, and examples of exploiting trends in practice. This year, the survey was organised for the tenth time in a row and involved 352 marketers from retail and food, industry, business services, financial services, social organisations and other sectors. Of all the participants, 23% said they worked at board or commercial management level. Marketing managers and specialists represent 34% of the respondents, while 9% say they work in a sales position. In addition, 17% are communication specialists; the other 17% work in other jobs.

The initiators of the Marketing Trend Survey 2013 are Berenschot, Marketing Tribune, Marketingfacts, MEC (Marketing Executive Center), PIM (Platform Innovation in Marketing), NIMA and Stem (Industrial Marketing Centre).

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