Companies need more strategic options

Press Release
5 April 2012

Managers are having difficulty finding strategic answers to the challenges of the world of tomorrow. This has been shown by the annual Strategy Trends Survey that Berenschot has carried out since 2006 among top Dutch companies. The current market uncertainty in fact demands that organisations keep strategic options in reserve, but that is being done far too little," concludes consultant Paul Pietersma in the new Berenschot publication Het Groot Strategieboek (The Big Strategy Book).

As the study shows, keeping multiple options open was the most difficult. As a result, the implementation of the chosen strategies too often remained stuck in intentions. This encouraged Berenschot to describe a fundamental new and fully developed strategy and implementation process, based on trends, insights and practical experiences from the past ten years in Het Groot Strategieboek.

Strategic dialogue

Organisations today are compelled to enter into dialogue with those around them and their own organisation. For that reason it is important that in a strategy process more options are kept open so that new developments can be anticipated more flexibly. "A strategy process is not a process that is reviewed just once a year," Pietersma explains. "It's a continual process that immediately switches on when that is necessary".

With Het Groot Strategieboek, the authors offer a number of methods and techniques for making and implementing strategic decisions. In this way they lead companies through their own strategy and implementation process and offer models, work formats and examples to both shape the process substantively and to enrich the process. Here, authenticity, interaction and decisiveness are the key terms.

Het Groot Strategieboek

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