Berenschot satisfied about 2011

Press release
7 June 2012

The Berenschot Consulting Firm achieved an operating profit (EBITDA) of €1.8 million for the 2011 financial year. This represents an improvement in comparison to 2010 (€1.5 million). Revenues in 2011 amounted to €51.3 million (€55.8 million in 2010). In spite of the difficult market conditions in 2011, all business units ended up in the black in 2011. Given the persisting difficult market conditions, Berenschot is also expecting a consolidation of revenues in 2012.

In recent years, Berenschot has worked hard on creating a strengthened and deeper future-proof portfolio. According to Theo Camps, Chairman of the Board, Berenschot attaches a great deal of importance to the breadth of the portfolio: Due to the complexity of the issues and the required speed of the approach, clients have a need for diverging disciplines in the field of consulting. We offer these disciplines as a cohesive entity and on this basis achieved positive performance throughout Berenschot in 2011.' Although the focus of our activities traditionally is within our own country, international projects once again grew in 2011. In 2012, the focus abroad is primarily on assignments in the field of finance, energy and the manufacturing industry.

Globally speaking, the business sector and government each account for 50% of revenues in the Netherlands. The positive result experienced in 2011 is to a significant extent due to a reorientation that was implemented in recent years. Camps is satisfied wit the results of these efforts: 2011 shows that in difficult times we ourselves are the determining factor, not the market. The key exhortation coming from the market is the call for the consulting sector to provide demonstrable added value. Our benchmarking systems and our approach to change processes contribute to these demands for hard results.'

In 2011, Berenschot employed approximately 450 employees. The personnel complement has declined by 10% in comparison to 2009. In recent years, Berenschot has not cut down on training costs and on recruiting young talent. In the view of Theo Camps, developing competences is of vital importance to a consulting firm: In spite of the pressure on our expenditures, we will continue to pursue this activity. To deepen our knowledge base, we require excellent new people each year. They represent our working capital.' So in October, Berenschot will once again start up a new pool for trainees.

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