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19 November 2013

Berenschot’s Capital Consulting assists entrepreneurs looking for growth capital. This new label primarily focuses on the agri food, manufacturing, commercial services, wholesale trade, transport and logistics sectors. Capital Consulting works with companies with a minimum capital requirement of € 1 million and collaborates with prominent investors. With the support of Berenschot and its strategic partners, companies acquire easy or easier access to capital by improving their strategic, organisational and financial foundation in combination with existing and required management and entrepreneurial skills.

By launching Capital Consulting, the Berenschot organisational consulting firm anticipates today’s reality and the increasing demand on the part of entrepreneurs as well as investors. For example, to realise their strategic plans, companies are increasingly forced to look for alternatives to bank financing, while it is becoming increasingly more difficult for investors to find good investment opportunities. Capital Consulting, with the support of prominent strategic partners, establishes a bridge between supply and demand, and offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest anti-cyclically and to actually achieve their growth ambitions.

In this respect the knowledge and contacts developed in the Dutch business sector by the Berenschot organisation consulting firm and its partners over the past 75 years constitute an essential and differentiating element. Capital Consulting links this element to the knowledge and capital of investors. Martijn Röfekamp, Managing Consultant at Berenschot: ‘They are looking for interesting companies in which to invest and create value. Berenschot encounters many good companies in the mid-segment with growth ambitions, but who are lacking the resources, and sometimes the right knowledge and the right network as well. Together with our strategic partners we ensure that there is a suitable match and after that we also help companies realise the growth targets they have set for themselves.’

Capital Consulting identifies the value creation opportunities, the key value drivers, opportunities for improvement over the short term and the strategic options for growth for companies. Companies in turn are provided with access to a network of prominent investors. Concepts such as commitment, good governance and growth are considered high priorities within this network. This approach for entrepreneurs as well as investors (more) clearly identifies the value potential of a company and how it can be optimally exploited. Capital Consulting in part has made its remuneration dependent on the results of the companies it guides and in this way underscores its confidence in the company’s potential.

According to Paul Pietersma, Managing Director at Berenschot, the company specifically decided not to establish a fund of its own: ‘The focus must be on a company’s growth and must not be impeded by any conflicts of interest. The substantively strong combination of elements such as management consulting, corporate finance and transaction services guarantees an independent investment decision.’

Pietersma points out that especially the financing of companies in the mid-segment is under pressure, while relatively many companies in precisely this segment are looking for financing or additional financing of an important or crucial investment. The emphasis in this respect is increasingly shifting to venture capital. The network Berenschot draws from includes prominent investors such as Antea, Berk Partners, Ecart, Mentha Capital, Synergia and Valueation.

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