Burst implements client-focused professionalisation process

An increasing number of clients, a greater diversity of client demands and more employees. This growth on various fronts was reason enough for digital agency Burst to implement a professionalisation process. Berenschot acted as the process supervisor.

The aim of the process was to improve operational efficiency and the quality of the products by working faster, carrying out less unnecessary work and increasing the chances of ‘getting it right first time’. A condition was that the improvements would be achieved through the knowledge and the know-how of the employees themselves: they are experts in their own right after all. Improvements that add value for the client were identified during two work sessions. CEO Hans Maltha: “We were able to implement the improvements immediately and the first results were already visible within a few weeks!”

Currently, Burst has 40 employees in two branches (Amsterdam and Rotterdam) and has various top brands such as Natuurmonumenten (Society for the Preservation of Nature in the Netherlands), the Rijksmuseum, Mentos and Hero among their clients. The agency wants to add 15 new employees to its international workforce this year.