Berenschot to visit Bangladesh on behalf of VSO

In the coming weeks, six Berenschot consultants will take up the challenge to give the agricultural sector in Bangladesh a substantial boost. The assignment comes from VSO, a development aid organisation dedicated to combating poverty.

The Expedition

VSO’s philosophy is that people in developing countries should be able to combat poverty themselves if they have the right knowledge. In Bangladesh it concerns multiple long-term projects for improving the position of women and children and improving income from farming. Berenschot is happy to make a contribution to this through organising the Expedition and thus give experienced consultants the opportunity to develop themselves during a challenging assignment in unknown territory.

Research into local cooperation

On 14 October Berenschot consultants Annette de Boer, Marieke Gersdorf, Frank Gortemaker, Daniël Huisman, Luddo Oh and Hans van der Spekvoor will depart for Dhaka, Dharampur and Bangladesh for a period of two weeks. They will conduct research into the cooperation between local farmers in the form of a social franchise and how this can best be achieved. The final conclusions of the Berenschot Expedition will be presented to VSO Bangladesh.


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