Workload tax advisers increases

Tax advisers are seeing an increase in workload. This is evident from the survey Working in Taxation (Werken in de Fiscaliteit) which was held for the fifth time in succession by Sdu and Berenschot. More tax advisers than in 2015 found their work-life balance disrupted. The greatest worry is insufficient budget to achieve goals and more tax advisers than in 2015 anticipate an increase in the number of job vacancies.

Impending shortage of tax advisers
Compared with last year, the percentage of tax advisers that do not expect any shortage on the labour market decreased, while the percentage of respondents that do expect a significant shortage increased. 32% of respondents believe that the labour market will continue to grow, which will lead to more vacancies. In 2015, 28% of respondents shared that opinion.

Disruption of work-life balance
From the survey Working in Taxation 2016 it is evident that the percentage of tax advisers who believe that the balance between work and private life is not in order has increased in recent years. That the workload seems to be increasing is also evident from the fact that 39% of tax advisers indicate the importance of reducing the workload (28% in 2015). 61% of tax advisers say they regularly work more hours (without receiving any compensation) than the number of working hours agreed.

Insufficient budget to achieve goals
During the recession, tax advisers were particularly concerned about cuts in employment conditions, freezing of salaries and a reduction in demand for their services. The main concern now is that there is insufficient budget to achieve goals.

The market wants tax advisers with soft skills
53% of the organisations took on new employees for tax work in the last six months. Of this group, 76% took on a starter and 47% someone with experience. First and foremost, recent graduates must have soft skills in their mental baggage as well as a broad tax knowledge.

Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax and Customs Administration): negative publicity, as an employer still as popular as ever
Since the start of the annual survey Working in Taxation in 2012, the Belastingdienst is ranked number one for the most popular employer. Despite the negative publicity, the popularity in 2016 even increased slightly: for one out of five tax advisers the Belastingdienst is the favourite employer. Interestingly, the public sector (Belastingdienst and the judiciary) and education (university and higher professional) can also be found in the top five again in 2015. Of the Big Four offices only EY is in the top five.