Share your thoughts on electrification in the Dutch industry

This autumn, a consortium consisting of Berenschot, CE Delft, Energy Matters and Industrial Energy Experts will commence research on ‘Deepening electrification in the Dutch industry’. This research will be carried out on the instructions of the Ministry of Economic Affairs on behalf of the TKI Energy & Industry. The electrification of processes is seen as an important transition towards CO2 reduction due to the increasing supply of sustainable electrical energy (solar, wind) and falling electricity prices.

In this study we look mainly at the technological options and the most promising transition paths for electrification of the energy-intensive process industries in the Netherlands. Our intention is to join forces with various stakeholders in the chain, which is why we are organising three workshops, categorised according to industrial process:

  • Heat processes workshop (29 November, 9.30-13.00).
  • Baking, smelting and casting workshop (6 December, 12.30-16.00)
  • Distillation and separation processes workshop (9 December, 9.30-13.00).

During the workshops we will research issues concerning electrification, together with parties in the process industry, in order to rank the most promising technological options and identify influential factors and development needs.