Presentation results salary survey engineers/technicians

One in five engineers in the Netherlands is looking for another employer. This is one of the results of the salary survey of TW (Technisch Weekblad), NLingenieurs and Berenschot among more than 2,000 engineers and technicians with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. On Friday, 9 December, the researchers will present the results during a meeting in the Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

In the survey respondents received questions about their pay and fringe benefits. They were also asked about the reasons for changing jobs or for remaining where they are. The researchers also looked at the extent to which further training was offered, who made use of that offer and whether respondents were satisfied with it.

After the presentation a panel discussion will take place with two experienced managers from the field: Annemieke Nijhof (CEO Tauw) and Ingwer de Boer (former Chief Engineer and Director of Project Management Room for the River at Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). Hans van de Spek, Manager Knowledge Centre HCM at Berenschot will also join the panel. Finally, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and to exchange thoughts about the research results with the editors of Technisch Weekblad and the specialists of NLingenieurs and Berenschot. Further information about the programme and registration can be found on the agenda.

Our speakers are two experienced managers from the field:

Annemieke Nijhof

Top Woman of the Year 2016, as CEO of engineering company Tauw she gives high priority to the development of employees. She believes it is important to invest in her employees and thus in the future value of the work that Tauw delivers. Moreover, she has experienced at first hand how important a safe working environment is, where an employee, for whatever reason, may underperform for a while. She wants to create this type of environment at Tauw.

Ingwer de Boer

As Chief Engineer and Director of Project Management Room for the River at Rijkswaterstaat he has always strived for a safe learning environment for his employees. Currently he is committed to the Department of Agriculture and Water Management of the KIVI for promoting the development of engineers in a broad master-apprentice-student environment.

Also joining the panel:

Hans van der Spek

Hans van der Spek is Manager Knowledge Centre HCM, Senior Managing Consultant at Berenschot and teacher at the Utrecht Business School, Avans+ and the HR Academy. For over 30 years he has been at the cutting edge of Finance, IT and HR. Full of enthusiasm, he shares his knowledge and insights with his audience, through the press or as a speaker at seminars.

Both speakers will discuss the importance of the development of people in the engineering sector. How do companies create a good development environment? How are these development opportunities appreciated by employees and clients? Who exactly is responsibility for the development of new engineers?