The Netherlands world leader in sustainable poultry technology

The Dutch poultry cluster of poultry farmers, suppliers and service providers represents an annual turnover of approximately 5.4 billion euros of the Dutch economy.

This is evident from the industry publication ‘Wereldleider in duurzame pluimveetechnologie’ (World leader in sustainable poultry technology), published this afternoon and handed over to members of the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament Helma Lodders (VVD) and Jaco Geurts (CDA). Berenschot prepared the report on behalf of Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC).

Chairman Jan Wolleswinkel of Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC) warns that the position of the poultry cluster in the Netherlands is under pressure. It may weaken significantly within a few years if no action is taken. DPC therefore wants to prepare an action plan with its members.

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