The Delta Programme – The Power of Cooperation!

‘Measuring Trust in Partnerships’ pilot

Berenschot, under contract to the Delta Commissioner conducted the pilot ‘Measuring Trust in Partnerships’ in the IJsselmeer region. The pilot analysed trust among the partners of the ‘IJsselmeer Region Pact’.

The Delta Commissioner considers it important to monitor progress in the different sub-programmes of the Delta Programme and has developed the Measure, Know, Act methodology for this purpose. In addition to the ‘hard’ progress and performance indicators, the Delta Commissioner also wants to acquire insight into the ‘softer’ cooperation indicators. The pilot enabled the Commissioner to gain experience in this area. The underlying theory is that trust among partners is a key condition for making progress and producing results. To measure trust, Berenschot sent out a survey to the partners in the IJsselmeer area at an administrative, as well as official level. The survey was followed with in-depth interviews.

The experience with the pilot is positive. The methodology proves to be a good way of identifying the degree of trust among parties and any risks to the partnership. The potential application of the methodology to other Delta sub-programmes has been put on the December 2016 agenda of the Delta Programme Steering Committee.

Delta Programme Freshwater Consulting

Berenschot has been involved in the Delta Programme Freshwater since 2010. The objective of this programme is to develop strategies for a sustainable and effective freshwater supply for the long-term. In 2014, this resulted in a Delta Decision concerning a new freshwater strategy. Berenschot provided advice to the Programme Director and the Programme Team concerning the participation and decision-making aspects.
We organised multiple meetings for this purpose, such as regional sessions and synthesis weeks. In addition, we were the secretary for the Delta Plan Freshwater and through means of the Low Water Working Group we facilitated coordination among the Delta Decisions Freshwater Strategy, IJsselmeer Region and Rhine-Meuse Delta. In the phase following the completion of the Delta Decisions, we prepared the 2014 and 2015 Progress Report for this sub-programme and we facilitated the two annual knowledge days.