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Berenschot management consulting firm puts focus on consultants on new website

Berenschot management consulting firm launches its new website. Chairman of the Executive Board

Theo Camps_kleinTheo Camps: “The digital channel is becoming increasingly important to us as an organisation;
to share our knowledge, expertise and experience, to be present in the market and to attract new colleagues.”

Berenschot very specifically is giving its 230 consultants a prominent place on its new website. Camps: “In an era that is becoming increasingly digital, people continue to do business with people. In addition to the Berenschot brand and our services, our clients primarily elect to work together with our consultants. The same thing furthermore applies to new colleagues: the fact that things clicked with Berenschot staff is an important factor in their decision to work for our organisation.”

It is easy to contact any Berenschot consultant via the new website. Each has his/her own personal page. The colourful profile photos taken by photographer Femke van den Heuvel provide a beautiful overview of the diversity of the Berenschot organisation. Naturally the site also contains the services, knowledge, expertise and experience of the consultants and they can be directly contacted via telephone, e-mail and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn in particular is an increasingly more important channel for Berenschot. During the first six months of this year, all Berenschotters were trained in the business potential of this platform by social business strategist Jochem Koole. They were taught how to optimally design their profile in support of their target group(s), to make smart use of the search functionality offered by the network and they acquired greater insight into the importance and potential of content.

Camps: “For us it is important that the line between a (potential) client or a new employee and our consultants always is as short as possible. Whether the (potential) clients or employees are in a meeting with our consultants, meet them during an event, are directed to our website via Google or their attention is drawn to one of our consultants via their LinkedIn network, ultimately it is our consultants who make the difference.”