Berenschot launches app for productivity measurements

Berenschot is introducing an iPad app for companies which allows them to measure their productivity. Using a method called MMO (multiple moments observations), employees can easily measure their activities and identify measures to continuously improve their productivity. This means that employees are more involved in improvement programmes and save companies time and money.

Recently the app was introduced for the first time as part of an improvement programme at the aircraft MRO company Fokker Services. After Berenschot had carried out the first measurements, Fokker employees were trained to use the app and identify improvement measures for the organisation. “We felt that our productivity was improving, but we didn’t know to which extent. Thanks to the app, I can now quantify and target our productivity,” says director Jan Maas. “Using my own employees not only allows us to improve productivity ourselves, but also creates more awareness of the subject in general.”

Other departments of the company have also started productivity measurements using Berenschot’s MMO app.

“The app is a simple, low profile and quick method for companies to improve their productivity. Another advantage is the ability to repeat the measurement from time to time, thus allowing continuous improvement in your organisation,” says Hans Schotel, managing director at Berenschot Operations. “Tangible results from improvement measures increase ownership and involvement of the employees.”

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