Is 3D printing mature enough to be used as a service technology?

LINK is the leading management magazine for industry in the Netherlands. In the special issue ‘smart industries & smart services’ attention is given to the question whether 3D printing is mature enough to be used as a service technology.

Onno Ponfoort and Hans van Toor, experts on 3D printing at Berenschot, define in the accompanying interview what the current options are and what developments can be expected. Ponfoort and Van Toor notice that currently many organisations are going through their portfolio of spare parts to determine which parts can be printed. In addition, they notice a great deal of attention for the certification of 3D printed parts. In a digitising production chain there is a need for new methods for qualifying parts. Businesses that are the first to have ‘digital certification’ in place are the winners of tomorrow.

The article ‘Wie digitale certificering beheerst, krijgt een enorme voorsprong’ (Whoever masters digital certification will have an enormous head start) appeared in LINK 5 – 2016