Sustainable cities for Colombia

In the first week of May 2015, a consortium of Urbanos, Witteveen+Bos, Berenschot, TUDelft, RVDB and Findeter (financial institution for development) held presentations and workshops in the Colombian cities Bucaramanga, Manizales and Armenia. As part of the CIUDAT-programme of Findeter, the goal of the presentations was to explain the Dutch approach and elaborate on best practises to make cities more sustainable and redensify them.

The workshops were organized to have local entities and stakeholders experience the approach of how to work together and visualize all challenges at the start of development. Focus lied on urban metabolism (flows within the city) and development, transport and mobility, waste management, integral solutions and governance. The process was facilitated by the Dutch Embassy in Colombia and financed by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

The CIUDAT-programme consists of a new area created within Findeter’s Sustainability Division. The area will be led by national government and depends administratively and financially on Findeter. CIUDAT will address international cooperation to pilot transit-oriented development projects in different Colombian cities to generate national politics and technical capacity in the local administrations. It is a first step in the CIUDAT-programme for these cities and based on this a further programme will be developed to improve sustainability and redensification of these cities. This programme will run at least seven years in three different phases; structuring, construction and maintenance and execution.