Broader international view of compensation issues

Broader international view of compensation issues

Berenschot’s organisation consultancy and its German partner Kienbaum have joined forces with a partnership in the field of compensation consulting. Berenschot will make information concerning the primary and secondary terms and conditions on the Dutch and Belgian markets available to supplement Kienbaum’s ‘Compensation Portal’ and in exchange will receive access to Kienbaum’s unique data for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and various Eastern European countries.

‘The partnership with Kienbaum makes it possible for us to provide our clients with suitable compensation advice even better,’ says Hans van der Spek, Manager of Berenschot’s HRM Knowledge Centre. ‘The condition that applies to increasingly more positions is that the job market no longer simply extends to a country’s borders and insight into the relationships with compensation in other European countries is important to be able to offer competitive terms and conditions of employment.’

‘We are delighted to be able to join forces with Berenschot,’ says Hans Jonkers, Kienbaum Benelux Managing Director. ‘This way we can assist organisations throughout all of Europe with their strategic compensation issues and ensure that our clients effectively support their strategy in every local market with a well-balanced remuneration policy.’

Berenschot has a unique (online) compensation database for the Netherlands as well as Belgium that comprises positions within organisations ranging from low to high-level positions. On this basis, Berenschot can quickly and reliably conduct compensation research and provide compensation-related advice. On the basis of this database it is also possible for organisations to identify their position in the market in the area of compensation. The database contains primary as well as secondary terms and conditions of employment. Organisations can compare themselves with, for example, Dutch companies, companies within the region, companies in a specific sector and specific companies (custom work). In addition, specific position benchmarks can also be conducted, for example for Board Members, Senior Management and Specialists (ICT, HRM or Sales).

‘The partnership is not limited to the exchange of compensation data,’ states Hans van der Spek. ‘We are going to exploit the synergy benefits on a wider scale.’

About Berenschot 
Berenschot is an independent organisation consulting firm with 350 employees worldwide. For over 75 years Berenschot has impressed its clients in both the public and private sectors with smart and new insights. Berenschot does this by combining innovation and entrepreneurship. Over and over again. Clients opt for Berenschot because Berenschot’s advice gives them a head start. Since 1962 the firm has had an office in Brussels, Europe’s capital, and now it also has offices in the Antilles, Ghana and South Africa. For additional information, please visit /

About Kienbaum
Kienbaum is a leader in Europe in the area of Management Consulting. Kienbaum’s core competencies are Executive Search, Human Resource Management and Management Consulting. In Germany, where the company’s head office is located, Kienbaum is market leader in the Executive Search for senior managers and specialists and Human Resource Management, including compensation consulting. Kienbaum continues to build on over 70 years of consulting experience and a network of 40 company offices in 21 countries. Kienbaum has had a branch office in Amsterdam since 2004.

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