TCT Conference Successful Business Models for 3D Printing

25 August 2014

Everybody talks about 3D Printing. But many of us are still undecided or hesitating about entering the 3D printing arena. What should you do, join in now or later? And when you are entering, what should you focus on?

In his presentation, Onno Ponfoort will introduce opportunities, successful business models and a tool to help you determine your best way to success.

By showing and discussing a large number of cases, participants get insights on do’s, don’ts and lessons learned from the most successful 3D printing users at this moment in time.

At the end of the presentation you will have answers to many of your questions like:

  • What are the possibilities that 3D printing has in store for me?
  • How can I/we build or improve upon our market position?
  • Which customers should I target with my 3D printing initiatives?
  • Can I obtain operational or cost efficiencies?
  • How can I make choices, between the various options I can envision?

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October 1, 15.30


NEC Conference Centre, Birmingham, UK



Target audience:

Management and operational staff interested in 3D printing impact and opportunities

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