Smart Systems Industry Summit in Mechelen

10 September 2014

The SRWC & Micro Electronics consortium was established in 2013. Lead by DSP Valley and Berenschot, 16 companies and 7 knowledge institutes participated in this project.

The main focus of the consortium was to meet the challenges of the Short Range Wireless technology in combination with new applications within the top-sector ICT. Want to know more about this consortium, applications for monitoring and control, tracking and tracing or SRWC technology in total? Visit us at boot 23!

The SISS not only focuses on features applied today, but moreover broadens the scope and is mapping the road for the future. What novelties can one expect in the next year and years? How will markets and businesses in Designing Smart Products evolve?

The SSIS conference will be held in:

Lamot Conference Center in Mechelen, Belgium
Van Beethovenstraat 8-10
B - 2800 Mechelen

The SSIS is organized by DSP Valley. Contact:

- Jan Verlaak

- Bjorn Van de Vondel

More information:

For more information see the website of SSIS 2014.

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