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Berenschot takes the initiative, together with TKI Solar Energy, to Roadmap Building Integrated PV

20 October 2014

The application of PV solar in built areas can be divided into two main types: Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) and Building Applied Photo-Voltaics (BAPV).

BAPV solar panels are always placed on the building afterwards and have just one function: the generation of sustainable energy. These solar panels are known as the ‘shiny blue panels on the roof’. BIPV elements, on the other hand, not only generate electricity, they are also an integral part of the building shell. The aesthetic quality of BIPV elements is significantly greater compared with the BAPV elements.

In 2011, Berenschot presented the Roadmap Sun on the Netherlands. BIPV was one of the themes considered to be promising by the Dutch PV sector. A number of companies in the Netherlands have launched one or more BIPV products on the market; others are still in the development phase. Besides developing products, attention is also devoted to the manufacturing processes, types of materials, system configurations and modularity of power-generating elements. Clearly the opportunities will be exploited. However, companies in the Netherlands must be aware of the importance of seizing the opportunity now in order to gain a position on the domestic market, but also on an international level. Together with TKI Solar Energy, Berenschot is now taking the initiative to prepare a roadmap for this BIPV sector.

In this process, we are mapping out the Dutch Solar eco system. This involves further exploring the market with all stakeholders, identifying the opportunities, resolving the bottlenecks, and defining and tackling the projects. Berenschot will supervise and structure this roadmap process and provide a report of the results.

Working sessions

The dates for the working sessions are 14 November, 4 and 9 December. If you wish to be involved, please contact Erik Teunissen.

Roadmap Building Integrated PV

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