Berenschot evaluates financing of NGOs by Netherlands embassies

12 June 2014

On request of the evaluation unit IOB of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berenschot evaluated the funding of local NGOs by Netherlands embassies in Benin, Ethiopia, Mozambique en Sudan.

On the basis of the country studies, IOB developed the report ‘Useful Patchwork: Direct Funding of Local NGOs by Netherlands Embassies 2006-2012’. The evaluation reveals that NGOs received a significant amount of funding by the investigated embassies in the period 2006-2012. Direct funding is positively appreciated by the embassies and the local NGOs, mainly because of the flexible and informal nature of the instrument. The funds were used in line with the thematic focus of the Netherlands government in development cooperation. More alignment with other donor agencies could have increased effectiveness and efficiency of the funding.

Evaluation Useful Patchwork

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