Beer (Berend Willem) Berenschot has died

27 October 2014

We have received the sad news of the unexpected death of Beer (Berend Willem) Berenschot. Son of our founder and first chairman of the Berenschot Beheer Foundation.

2 November 1931 – 23 October 2014

Beer Berenschot joined Raadgevend Bureau Berenschot (Berenschot Advisory firm) in 1959 and fulfilled various roles in the firm until 1991, including helping to establish the firm in Brussels. He also participated in consultancy projects. He had a preference for projects with a social impact. After the refusal of Russia in 1980 to organise the Paralympics, the Netherlands took on the task and Beer was part of the team that implemented the feasibility study.

From 1964, following the death of his father Professor B.W. Berenschot, he shaped the Berenschot Beheer Foundation and was its chairman for a number of years.

We are indebted to Beer for safeguarding the continued independence of his father’s company.

We wish his wife, children, grandchildren and other members of his family the strength and resolve to deal with this loss.

The cremation ceremony will take place on Thursday, 30 October at 2 p.m. in the main hall of the crematorium Den en Rust, Frans Halslaan 27 in Bilthoven.

On behalf of the Supervisory Board, Berenschot Beheer Foundation, the Executive Board and employees,

Th.W.A. Camps, Chairman Berenschot Groep B.V.

G.H.B. Verberg, Chairman Berenschot Beheer Foundation/Supervisory Board.

Beer Berenschot

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