Trade mission to the Palestinian Territories and Israel valuable

13 December 2013

Berenschot is active in various sectors for which the trade mission had been organised.


For example, a huge gas field has recently been discovered off the coast of Israel of which recovery is to take shape in the near future. The Israeli (and Palestinian) energy supply will partially be switched over from coal and oil-fired power plants to gas and gas-fired plants.

In addition to the transformation of existing power plants and the construction of a gas infrastructure, the ‘new’ gas sector must also be institutionally embedded. This requires legislation, supervisory bodies, new competencies in the field of HR, etc, to be developed. In this respect Israel is also looking at the experience gained by the Netherlands over the past 50 years. We will also be reviewing the role Berenschot could potentially play in this regard via our contacts with the GGNI.

Agri Food

In addition to the energy sector, the agricultural sector and the water sector also offer interesting opportunities. Both sectors are highly developed in Israel. Where the Netherlands is considered a key leader in the field of water management as far as protection against ‘too much water’ is concerned, precisely the reverse is the case in Israel. They are leaders in the field of water management when it comes to managing scarcity. And consequently also leaders when it comes to the issue of how to deal with water as a scarce, but essential, element in agriculture. In spite of the scarcity of water, Israel is a key exporter of agricultural products.

As mentioned earlier, Berenschot is active in all of these sectors and has something to offer our clients. With our substantive know-how, as well as our experience in quickly bringing together the right (multidisciplinary) expertise and in creating national and international partnerships and consortia, we are able to offer our clients an integral service package. The trade mission to Israel has given us valuable contacts that could lead to good contracts in the future.

During the mission, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans, opened a cheese factory in Hebron in the Palestinian Territories. The realisation of this factory was in part facilitated through the provision of funds by the Dutch government. Berenschot assisted the Palestinian entrepreneur Al-Jebrini and his Dutch partner Veldkamp B.V. to develop the business plan and to obtain financing for this factory from the Dutch government’s Private Sector Investment (PSI) programme.

This project is a good example of how collaboration between Palestinian and Dutch companies can contribute to local economic development. The mission clearly highlighted the importance of such partnership projects. Berenschot would like to assist you in identifying your market and investment opportunities in the Palestinian Territories and other emerging markets.

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