Strategic Outlook for European Countries

The first E-I Consulting Group Strategy Trends Survey

This year the E-I Consulting Group celebrates her 25th anniversary. On the occasion of this anniversary the E-I Consulting Group's member firms took the initiative to carry out the first E-I consulting Group Strategy Trends 2013 Survey.

The survey aims to provide insights in the strategic priorities of European companies, their preferred strategies, how do they want to distinguish themselves from their competitors, how do they formulate their strategies and to what degree they are able to realize their strategic objectives. It provides an interesting view on strategic priorities in the participating countries, in addition to highlighting differences between countries.

Countries participating in the study are Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. In total 457 companies* have responded to the survey. The survey has no focus on specific industries and covers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as multinational corporations (MNCs) and exchange listed companies as far as size is concerned.

* Note: the majority of the respondents originate from the Netherlands, since the survey has been executed there since 2006).

The survey can be downloaded from our Publications website.

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