The ICT department faces possible redundancy in the future

9 December 2011

The use and application of IT is an important element in the New Way of Working (NWW). With developments like cloud computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the individual employee is becoming increasingly autonomous. The function of the ICT department is also expected to change in the coming years.

This is the conclusion reached by Berenschot after the fourth meeting of the High Level Group. The Group is the most important platform for NWW project and programme managers in the Netherlands. Over thirty of them attended the meeting.

The meeting, organised by Berenschot, focused on IT trends such as cloud computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and featured practical case studies and discussions.

According to Berenschot Consultant Edwin Lambregts, developments in the field of IT offer organisations great scope for optimising their employees' work.'We are approaching a situation in which we will manage our own data, on our own equipment and in a way that we have selected ourselves,' says Lambregts, who organised the meeting together with Arie den Boer from HP.

One of the speakers was Bart Schermer from HP. He emphasised that the dividing line between professional and personal applications is becoming increasingly blurred and unified within the cloud. Organisations wishing to continue to attract the interest of the future generation will have to create a hybrid environment in which employees are facilitated where they need it. This changes the function of the ICT department, which will acquire more of an administrative function.

There was consensus during the meeting that the gradual introduction of new IT opportunities has the highest chance of success. Small successes must be celebrated and aspects that best match the organisation at a given point in time must be carefully assessed.

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