Roadmap for the Chemical Industry Presented to Top Sector

30 November 2012

The 2030 Roadmap for the Chemical Industry was recently presented to Gerard van Harten, standard-bearer for the chemical industry top sector. The roadmap contains a forecast of the CO2 and energy reduction by reviewing approximately 300 current projects at chemical companies and all twelve PPP relationships.

Furthermore, 100 new sustainability innovations were added in collaboration with 150 experts from a wide range of professions. Berenschot joined forces with the Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI) for this project. MEC and EEI performed computations for the team. In addition, seven sub-studies under the direction of the project team were carried out by organisations such as ECN, Ecofys, Utrecht University and CE Delft.

The chemical industry wants to achieve a reduction of up to 40% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, calculated on the basis of the 2005 reference year. The roadmap describes how the chemical industry wants to tackle its key role during the period 2012 - 2030. It will do this by actively working on preconditions and risks, and managing and monitoring innovation. Projects have been identified within the sector that at different levels will be contributing to this reduction.

The roadmap contains six specific solution domains:

  • Energy efficiency: counteracting the energy waste within the company process;
  • Replacement of fossil raw materials: through the use of renewable raw materials (biomass) for the production of chemical products;
  • Carbon Capture and Storage of Usage (CCS/CCU): Capturing CO2 for subsequent storage or use (recycling);
  • Recycling of material streams, or closing the materials chain: reuse of products and materials after use;
  • Sustainable products: contribute to the development of sustainable products for end-users;
  • Sustainable energy: generate sustainable energy in-house or purchase sustainable energy.

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You can download the report here. Further information can be obtained about the 2012-2030 Roadmap for the Chemical Industry at the website of Routekaart Chemie (Roadmap for the Chemical Industry).

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