Erik Tromp winner of 2011 Thesis Award

12 December 2011

Today Erik Tromp, a student at Eindhoven University of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, was announced the winner of the 2011 Thesis Award presented by Berenschot for the most notable thesis of the year. The prize is €1,500.

A jury headed by Dr J.A. Damen, member of the Executive Board, assessed all submissions in terms of innovation, interesting insights and practical applicability within the consulting profession. Erik Tromp's thesis ‘Multilingual Sentiment Analysis on Social Media' was judged to best meet these criteria. The jury also found that the thesis would be useful for companies that are using or want to use social media. The research identifies the risks associated with the use of social media, but also shows its positive sides. Erik Tromp receives €1,500.

The second prize (€500) went to Louelle Bosman, a student at the University of Amsterdam, for her thesis ‘The leadership role of project managers'. Louelle Bosman has an explicit methodology that produces a clear outcome.

To qualify for the Thesis Award, the master thesis must have been completed in 2010/2011 and received a score of at least 8, or, failing that, be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the professor. Finally, the subject of the thesis had to touch on Berenschot's areas of expertise. ‘The award offers students an opportunity to share their knowledge with us,' says Myrte Ferwerda, who developed the Thesis Award concept. ‘And it's obviously a good opportunity for Berenschot to come into contact with promising students.' The focus is on students studying business administration, public administration and psychology.

The Thesis Award is an initiative of the Berenschot Foundation, which encourages Berenschot consultants to deepen their knowledge of the profession, gain new insights and develop methods in order to keep Berenschot's toolkit up to date. The Foundation offers financial support and professional guidance to research projects. The Berenschot Foundation Series currently includes dozens of titles.

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