Berenschot facilitates ORIO project in Tanzania

26 September 2012

Recently, an ORIO grant arrangement was signed in Tanzania. ORIO is a facility of the Netherlands government, co-financing large infrastructural projects in selected partner countries.

The project comprises the construction of three power plants, including electricity distribution networks, in the western part of Tanzania. It will benefit over 100.000 people in an area where about 8% of the population has access to electricity and the large majority earns less than 2 US $ per day. Total investment costs are € 34 million. One half is granted by the ORIO facility and the other half is financed by the Government of Tanzania. Attached are a few articles on the occasion of the grant arrangement, published in national newspapers in Tanzania.

Berenschot has prepared the ORIO grant request and successfully managed the entire development phase of the project. All conditions for the procurement of services and goods within the project are now fulfilled. For more information, contact Fons de Zeeuw or Marjolein Lem.

In contrary to what has been communicated late 2013, the ORIO facility will not be continued in 2014. In the beginning of 2015 year, the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Mrs. Ploumen, will replace the ORIO facility by a new programme called Developmentally Relevant Infrastructure Investment Vehicle (DRIVE). This programme is characterised by focus and coherence, flexibility in the project cycle and concessional financing for the entire project. For more information, please contact Fons de Zeeuw or Maarten Mackaay.


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