Knowing and Capacity

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Together with MarketingTribune, Marketingfacts, STEM Industrial Marketing Centre, the Platform Innovation in Marketing (PIM) and Marketing Executive Center (Mec), Berenschot carried out the Marketing Trend Survey for the eighth successive time in 2011.

Authenticity, social media, CSR, partnership and loyalty & customer service are the top 5 marketing trends. But how does a marketer make use of these trends? A recent trend session with fifty marketers demonstrated that companies only achieve market impact with these trends if they apply them to the entire marketing mix based on their DNA and in dialogue with the customer. Participating in a somewhat trendy fashion is no help at all.

Learning from success

To anticipate trends, fast and effectively (and that's the current trend), the marketers determined which companies are able to anticipate trends well and how they do so. They also established what you need to have in-house to be able to accomplish this. Triodos Bank, Apple and Hema are examples of authenticity, as well as Studio 100 and ‘Volendam'. UPC, KLM and Albert Heijn are among the top companies when it comes to exploiting social media. TNT Ahrend and again the Triodos Bank were mentioned in relation to CSR.

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Knowing and Capacity


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