Key insights for Bottom of the Pyramid marketing in Africa


What is important when your company focuses on the Bottom of the Pyramid? Berenschot consultants share key points from a session organized by VC4Africa about Marketing Strategies for the Bottom of the Pyramid. The workshop was offered to entrepreneurs in VC4Africa's June Cohort, focused on BoP Marketing.

In this interactive webinar Berenschot combined insights from the book Doing Business in Africa with practical customized suggestions for both companies. One of the typical challenges for entrepreneurs is how to realise a successful introduction of their product in their target market. In reality, introducing a new product in a new market is the most difficult thing to do. Marjolein and Maarten share their experience in finding solutions to overcome this hurdle. The entrepreneurs also raised questions on how to build up a critical mass of early adopters, and how to involve local stakeholders (and maybe even competitors) to succeed in Bottom-of-the Pyramid Markets.

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Saskia Reus-Makkink

Key insights for Bottom of the Pyramid marketing in Africa

VC4A, July 22, 2013

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