IASA2011 chooses strategic ICT consultants for Government

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IASA2011, the government-wide tender for strategic ICT consulting services, has awarded the custom consulting services parcel. Eight bidders were selected from nearly fifty parties consisting of five independent companies (Atos, Gartner, KPMG, Logica and Management Centrum Thauris) and three consortia (HEC & Boer & Croon & QuintWellingtonRedwood & TNO (1), VKA & Berenschot & Rand Europe (2) and Twijnstra Gudde & Uva/Leibnitz Center for Law & Kirkham Company & Inspearit & Novay (3)).

IASA2011 stands for Interdepartmental Tender for Strategic Consulting Services in the field of ICT. Until now, these services, which are acquired by the chief information officers (CIOs) and staff members, were acquired by the individual departments. Various departments and independent autonomous administrative authorities (ZBOs) decided to initiate a joint tender following the example set by government-wide procurement projects, such as OT2010 (Telecom) and Easi2010 (hardware and ICT services).

After the first parcel for supplying standard information and reports was awarded to the Forrester consulting firm, the second parcel for custom consulting services was also completed, except for a few final contract signatures. Examples of services that included in this parcel are ICT strategy-related issues, management, policy, organisation, change management and the impact of trends on policy proposals. Because it involves such a wide range of services, many consulting firms decided to bundle their specialised knowledge in the form of consortia and compete in this way for the contract.

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Rik Sanders

IASA2011 chooses strategic ICT consultants for Government

Website: Computable (16-02-2012)

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