Doing business in Africa; not why, but how!


Do Dutch entrepreneurs take advantage of the opportunities available in African growth markets? Not enough. A negative perception of the continent, which no longer relates to the reality, plays an important role in this. However Dutch companies are changing their attitude.

Besides well known players like Heineken and Unilever, some of which have already been represented in Africa for a hundred years, there are Dutch entrepreneurs of varying sizes from different sectors who are considering how best to access African markets. The question ‘How do I do business in Africa?' is therefore the focus of the recent publication ‘Doing business in Africa - a strategic guide for entrepreneurs', an initiative by management consulting firm Berenschot, the Partnerships Resource Centre of the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM Erasmus) and the Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC). This article summarises the main findings.

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Doing business in Africa 

Marjolein Lem, Kim Geleynse en Rob van Tulder

Doing business in Africa; not why, but how!

Fenedexpress, april 2013 nr. 376

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