Designing is something you should do yourself

Article appearing in the Marketing Tribune

Almost half - 40 percent - of products ordered from Nike's website are NikeiD. Shoes with a different border, different shoelaces, a different swoosh colour. Suddenly, you are prepared to wait two weeks for your shoes and pay significantly more.

If you personalise a Soft Cell on MiAdidas, the shoe ends up costing € 120, excluding shipping costs, while in any arbitrary sports shop the standard model costs € 89.95. You can easily personalise shoes or clothing as well as cars, mobile telephones and furniture. No matter how zany, you can design your own product by making some simple adjustments. But things are going beyond this. We are on the eve of personal design. Varying colours is child's play compared to really designing products yourself.

3D Printing
An American company recently invested € 5 million in the Dutch company Shapeways and the company is now vested in New York. Anyone can create his/her own design at

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Onno Ponfoort

Designing is something you should do yourself

(jun. 2011) p. 16-17

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