Business in emerging markets: a matter of organising

Interview in the Dutch Financial Times (het Financieel Dagblad)

Anyone interested in conquering emerging markets is well-advised not to attempt this on their own. Consortia, often involving public-private partnerships, appear to be increasingly successful. Increasingly this involves public-private partnerships. What are the opportunities? An interview with four Berenschot consultants.

Chinese entrepreneurs know how to organise themselves well, as their expanding influence on the African continent testifies. Spurred by China’s official ‘Go Out’ policy, they form consortia to offer the client a complete package that relieves them of all trouble . “For example the development of a hospital not only comprises its construction and the delivery of equipment. It also comprises training, study grants, financing and financing guarantees,” says Fons de Zeeuw, Senior Consultant responsible for business development in Africa.

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Business in opkomende markten

Niels Achtereekte

Business in opkomende markten: kwestie van organiseren (interview met Berenschot-adviseurs Luc Steenhorst, Fons de Zeeuw, Richard Born en Nora El Maanni)

FD, 27th of June 2013

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