9 February 2012

The NRK PRIMA Business Opportunity Card helps companies in the rubber and plastics industry shape their future. The Opportunity Card, designed to boost innovation and sustainability, was made available to NRK members in January. The card classifies opportunities designed to save costs and develop new products and services. The key message to the market is that sustainability offers opportunities to create a better world while still making money. Berenschot oversaw the development of the opportunity card.

18 January 2012

More than fifty percent of companies are expecting growth in terms of revenue as well as profit. Foreign countries in particular provide a major stimulus in this respect. These are among the findings of the sixth consecutive Berenschot 2012 Strategy Trends Survey. In terms of employment opportunities, the same percentage of companies expects growth, as do those who expect shrinkage.

9 January 2012

This month, Arno van Kempen joined Berenschot as a Senior Managing Consultant. He will be focusing on administrative-legal assignments, such as partnerships between decentralised government bodies.

12 December 2011

Today Erik Tromp, a student at Eindhoven University of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, was announced the winner of the 2011 Thesis Award presented by Berenschot for the most notable thesis of the year. The prize is €1,500.

9 December 2011

The use and application of IT is an important element in the New Way of Working (NWW). With developments like cloud computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the individual employee is becoming increasingly autonomous. The function of the ICT department is also expected to change in the coming years.

7 December 2011

Peter Edelman (39) was appointed Managing Director of Berenschot's Assessment & Development consulting group as of 1 November 2011.

6 December 2011

Peter van Tongeren (1963) joined Berenschot on 1 November 2011 as Managing Consultant.

4 August 2011

The assault carried out in Norway (Europe) is terrible, but in terms of public administration and politics also exceptionally interesting.

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