22 March 2018

Yesterday, the Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act referendum marked a first for the Municipality of Groningen: at five polling stations, rather than counting the votes by hand, they were counted using a blockchain application. The council worked on this project with Berenschot consultants and LAB15 technology partners. The turnout could be followed in real-time and when voting closed, it was compared with the number of votes counted.

7 March 2018

Berenschot and Ecofys have examined how the Dutch chemical industry could reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 80-95% by 2050. This goal can be technically achieved by putting efforts into targeted innovation and with a package of investments in both the chemical industry and energy sector.

Serverruimte datacentrum_MR
7 March 2018

The demand for electricity that is accounted for by data centres is steadily increasing. The sector has already been making a great deal of headway in terms of sustainability; however, it could become even more sustainable by making better use of residual heat. This was the conclusion reached by experts during an ICT convention organised by Berenschot on behalf of Nederland ICT and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO.

Typen op laptops_LR
9 February 2018

Executive boards of professional organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of communication. Reputation and the impact of communication are becoming regular themes at the top. But at the same time, the position of communication can be improved as far as the rest of the organisation is concerned.

Social Media apparaten_LR
9 February 2018

The Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) has asked Berenschot to research promising blockchain propositions in the Green and Healthy domains in the Utrecht region.

Projectgroep voor planning_2017_LR
1 February 2018

How the HR function develops in practice is largely explained by the way organisational tensions are dealt with. The most effective HR structure emerges when opposites are well understood. This is the main conclusion of a study that was conducted by Berenschot in collaboration with the Amsterdam Business School (UvA). Organisations are never finished and in practice, the HR structure is continually being adjusted to suit changing developments within and outside the organisation. Changing tensions and the pursuing of multiple goals lead to a constant dynamic.

31 January 2018

Employees are remarkably positive about working in the technological sector. Approximately 83% of employees see digitisation and robotisation as a promising opportunity and encourage these developments. They feel that technology makes their work more challenging and fun. Employees enjoy learning and have a need for professional training and information.

Vuile en schone energie_LR
16 January 2018

The year 2017 has once again delivered new insights for the energy transition in the Netherlands. Berenschot collected the most important lessons from the past year’s projects for you. Benefit from our seven insights.

13 December 2017

At the start of this month, the morning paper ‘Nederlands Dagblad’ dedicated an article to the rise of 3D printing. This new technology can have major consequences for the Netherlands’ role as an import and transit country. In the article, Onno Ponfoort, Berenschot Consultant and specialised in 3D printing, gives his vision on this development.

12 December 2017

On behalf of development organisation VSO, six consultants have conducted research into the cooperation between local farmers in Bangladesh and how this can best be achieved. The research was carried out in the context of the Expedition, a Berenschot initiative in which experienced consultants get the opportunity to put themselves to the test during a challenging assignment in unknown territory.

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