Onderwijs en wetenschap
19 June 2018

Technological developments, such as automation and robotisation, have a drastic impact on work processes and the job market. Jobs are disappearing, new ones are appearing and staff requires different skills. Yet, the Robotisation theme only ranks in 21st place on the HR priority list. This is one of the findings of the HR Trends 2018-2019, the largest survey conducted among HR professionals by Berenschot in cooperation with Performa and Talentsoft.

Tactiek op krijtbord
15 June 2018

Today, the Audit Team Football and Safety, in collaboration with Berenschot, published an incident analysis of the Go Ahead Eagles – De Graafschap football match held on 4 March. After the end of the match, a handful of Go Ahead Eagles fans ran onto the field and attacked De Graafschap's players. However, the security organisation before, during and after the match was well-organised and acted quickly and decisively as a result of which the incident did not escalate any further and, in particular, was quickly over.

11 June 2018

In support of the ongoing consultation process of the climate round tables, Berenschot researched the system issues relating to the energy system up to 2030 and 2050. The research was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

6 June 2018

The signing of the Paris Agreement and the decrease in the production of natural gas in the Province of Groningen reinforce the demand for alternatives to natural gas. This is why Berenschot, under contract to the Dutch Energy Management Agency (EBN), surveyed the potential for scaling up the production of green gas and what is required to make this possible. The findings were published at the end of May in the position paper 'Strategic Hubs for Scaling Up Green Gas in the Netherlands'.

29 May 2018

Over the past few months, Berenschot, under contract to the Economic Board Utrecht (EBU), has conducted research into promising blockchain propositions in the Green and Healthy domains in the Utrecht region. One component of the research was to map out the blockchain ecosystem for the entire Netherlands.

25 May 2018

At the Flying Money conference in Amsterdam on May 24th, Berenschot facilitated a workshop on the legal and financial possibilities to create and effectively govern an ‘anti-organised crime fund’.

Vader met kind_MR
30 April 2018

The ‘Platform Forus’, an initiative set up by the consortium comprising Foundation Forus, the Municipality of Zuidhorn, QHN IT specialists and Berenschot, is one of the two winners of the blockchain competition run by the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) phase II.

18 April 2018

To facilitate the climate debate, Berenschot has come up with and calculated two extreme scenarios: an electron scenario and a molecule scenario. In both transition paths, CO2 emissions will be reduced to virtually zero by 2050. It is likely that the future scenario will actually be somewhere in between these two. The scenarios are not mutually exclusive and by and large they share the same infrastructure. Combinations are perfectly feasible, but hydrogen is the key.

22 March 2018

Yesterday, the Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act referendum marked a first for the Municipality of Groningen: at five polling stations, rather than counting the votes by hand, they were counted using a blockchain application. The council worked on this project with Berenschot consultants and LAB15 technology partners. The turnout could be followed in real-time and when voting closed, it was compared with the number of votes counted.

7 March 2018

Berenschot and Ecofys have examined how the Dutch chemical industry could reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 80-95% by 2050. This goal can be technically achieved by putting efforts into targeted innovation and with a package of investments in both the chemical industry and energy sector.

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