Vlaggen Europese landen
21 January 2019

British PM Theresa May and her Brexit deal suffered a historic defeat last night. The question ‘are you ready for a (no) Brexit?’, could not be more relevant today.

Berenschot Benchmark Instituut
10 December 2018

As of today, organisational advice agency, Berenschot, has combined all knowledge and services regarding benchmarks in the Berenschot Benchmark Institute. The objective of benchmarking - measuring, comparing and improving performance - is to help organisations improve their operations.

rail policy
19 November 2018

Commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management (I&W), Berenschot investigated the effectiveness and efficiency of the public transport and rail policy for the 2013-2017 period. Although partial results have already been recorded on many separate components, Berenschot is making several recommendations to improve the measurability of results.

data center
14 November 2018

Residual heat from data centres can play an important role in CO2 reduction in the built environment. 410 kton in CO2 reduction is possible. That is 12% of the Climate Round Table Built Environment challenge. These were the findings of precise research conducted by Berenschot and IF Technology.

HR tech knowledge
23 October 2018

HR technology can help the organisation stay flexible and improve the employee experience. But HR generally lags behind in competencies and knowledge of digitisation in their own field. This became apparent from research conducted this year for the second consecutive year by Berenschot in collaboration with CHRO Community.

co2-neutral heat networks
18 October 2018

Hydrogen for heat networks offers perspectives and, in favourable situations, can already make a sustainable contribution to the energy supply. This applies to heat networks close to current hydrogen pipelines, based on an input with ‘blue’ hydrogen made from methane in combination with CO2 capture and storage. The use of green hydrogen (made with wind and solar power) will be financially viable from 2030, when this will be used for peak demand in addition to the main source (residual heat or geothermal energy).

4 October 2018

Following the success of the three previous benchmarks, Berenschot is organising another Communications Benchmark. The objective is to continue to follow developments in and around communications departments. Interested organisations can register to participate until the end of December.

26 September 2018

Following on from previous exercises, Berenschot has calculated a new CO2 reduction scenario: the heat pathway scenario. Berenschot would like to use the transition paths to contribute to implementing the Paris Climate Agreement, the aim of which is to reduce carbon emissions by 80% to 95% by 2050.

13 September 2018

The best way to enhance the blockchain ecosystem in the Utrecht region is a roadmap that involves working on concrete blockchain projects. This approach enables involved parties to discover, experiment, apply blockchain and to scale this up.

Berenschot Academy
5 September 2018

Effective 5 September, the Berenschot Academy, in which Berenschot translates its knowledge and experience into training programmes and makes these openly available, will open its doors. This means that all professionals, in the public as well as private sectors, can now register for training programmes, courses and master classes.

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