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Change management, leadership and team development

The world is changing fast. It is important for organisations to be agile and flexible, so that they can make changes and adjustments in good time.
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It is also important to check whether the intended changes can actually be implemented. Many organisations are still in the middle of an ongoing change process when the next one arrives. Managing continuous change therefore requires a resolute approach.

Holistic approach

A holistic approach is essential to achieve effective implementation of organisational change. This means that the process, team development and leadership must all receive equal attention. Because change should be all-encompassing.

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In every change process, we provide dedicated knowledge and expertise on change management, leadership and team development. Effective change management models also ensure that your organisation gains the momentum needed to tackle the change. Leadership and the role of management in driving change is explicitly addressed. The way that teams work in the organisation often requires a candid review of their objectives and working methods too.

In alignment

An example from a case in practice is a project for a government department. Where they realised that making changes to tasks, cooperation, physical circumstances and working conditions is a lot for an organisation to deal with. The steering group therefore suggested asking Berenschot to support the process. The key areas of attention were leadership and team development. After two years the managers were sufficiently skilled in their role of managing mainly virtual teams so that these teams and the team members had adapted sufficiently to do their jobs satisfactorily.