• Master planning for 5 municipal assemblies related to water, sanitation, waste management and hygiene (WASH/GNWP)
  • Preparation of public investments in the WASH sector
  • Implementation of activities related to capacity-building and behavioural change in the WASH sector as part of GNWP Phase 1
  • Design of a monitoring and evaluation system for a rural development program
  • Feasibility study for a private investment in the maize sector
  • Market study: opportunities in the horticulture sector
  • Market study: opportunities in the field of edible oils and margarine
  • Baseline performance measurement of the Port of Tema
  • Formulation of a demonstration project for technical innovations in healthcare
  • Research and advice on the market for processed maize products in Ghana
  • Preparing financial proposal for development of new healthy cash crop in Northern Ghana
  • Sector analysis and mapping of various economic value chains. Design of a system for screening potential adverse effects on the environment for an agribusiness development program (operating in Benin, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Mozambique, Ghana, Mali, Kenya, and Uganda), assigned by a public international organization.

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