Ready for (no) Brexit?

Friday, 29 March 2019. The UK exits the EU. Softly, hard or with a crash out. The last-minute scrambles in the UK Parliament this week will determine the type of landing. But whatever the outcome, less than 70 days will be left to be ‘Brexit Ready’.

Surely you already calculated the costs and risks for various scenarios and have mitigating plans and processes in place. Regardless of your sector or type of business. But if you are uncertain, take a few seconds to consider our Berenchot Brexit Checklist and gauge your degree of readiness.

Bets sufficiently hedged? Plan B still sound? If you sense any alarm bells, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whatever the size and scope of your business, or the particular implications of Brexit for you, our special Brexit team has knowledge and expertise in all affected areas. Whether obtaining a Brexit voucher, help in understanding the import/export machinations or additional cost and risk analysis.  Whether revised supply chains models and INCO contracts or alternative route to market (RTM) strategies and execution. We are at your service.

Please contact Paul Pietersma (Strategy, Funding & Innovation), Vincent van der Vlies (Risk Analysis & Scenarios), Irma van Roest (Subsidies & Brexit Vouchers), Jorien Vink (International Relations & Risk Analysis), Marlon Drent (Strategy Development, Feasibility Studies & Project MT - Belgium), Marita de Beer (International Import/Export, Supply Chain & RTM) or Edwin Lambregts (Global Agrofood & Horticulture RTM).

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