Strategy consists of making future-proof choices in order to fulfil an organisations' vision and mission. Strategic choices are those that make the difference, that are realistic and that enjoy support from the majority of stakeholders at the same time.

The only way in which organisations can achieve their objectives is in collaboration with other organisations. Strategy is therefore no longer feasible without the active contribution of the environment. In addition, the strategy formulation process requires the mobilisation of the parties involved to implement the plan. Berenschot consequently uses a strategy process in which dialogue with external and internal parties is a central theme, for strategy formulation as well as implementation. We do this because making long-term choices has an impact on the short term too.

Mapping out a new direction is an adventurous undertaking. It requires confidence in its content: are you making the right decisions? And confidence in the parties involved: is everyone supportive and will everyone be participating in the future as well? Berenschot has been a trusted partner for many years when it comes to strategic issues. We have continuously accumulated experience and knowledge of companies and non-profit organisations in various sectors for almost 80 years. We can offer you analyses with a sharp focus, reliable working methods and results supported by stakeholders that actually lead to action.

Gerben van den Berg

"Organisations are increasingly interrelated and easily enter into new relationships across sector, country, public sector and private sector borders. To continue to create opportunities in an increasingly transparent and unpredictable world, organisations need a strategy that makes them more interactive, authentic, decisive and accountable.

The strategy formulation of today therefore involves dealing with greater uncertainty: keeping all options open on the one hand and making clear choices on the other. And seriously involving the network on a timely basis. This requires an approach for making the right choices and obtaining support for them, so that they can be immediately transformed into action. An approach that produces results more quickly."

Gerben van den Berg
Berenschot Consultant

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