Recovery & Restructuring

Companies are going through turbulent times. Markets sometimes work against you; you end up in stormy weather, or external financiers, such as banks, want greater certainty about your future prospects when negotiating refinancing.

Berenschot supports you in the various phases on the road towards restoring profitability. We can do this based on many years of experience and knowledge of your sector. Furthermore, Berenschot has all the in-house disciplines required for an integral approach (Business, Finance, HR and Legal). We have a sharp eye for the interests of stakeholders, such as banks, supervisory boards and shareholders, and we have relevant benchmarks for the primary process and indirect functions.

Luddo Oh_klein

"In the event of major changes, the rule of thumb for management is to anticipate early and comprehensively. In the case of declining market demand, decisions must have the right depth and the right speed. Measures can vary from simple cost reductions to the structural disposal of certain activities or products, or deciding to no longer serve a certain client segment. The point is that management boards often approach cost reduction programmes unilaterally and overlook the market and the link with strategy. Cost and personnel cuts only make sense if there are sufficient future prospects. In other words, management must not only look at costs but also at the business processes, the strategy and especially the market."

Luddo Oh
Berenschot Consultant

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