Process, Project and Programme Management

Social innovation is essential in a wide range of social areas. This can only be achieved through various partnership arrangements between and within companies, government organisations, social enterprises and citizens. And within new networks and alliances.

For area development, district development or renewable energy, for example. Or for the effective support and activation of vulnerable groups, such as youth, the elderly and the chronically ill.

Berenschot wants to increase the probability of success of complex projects, programmes and alliances. We do this by disseminating our vision in courses and master courses.

Technical Support/Project Management

Berenschot has been carrying out projects focused on providing technical support since 1996. These projects are financed and executed on behalf of Dutch and foreign government organisations, and other international organisations.

With the help of these projects, Berenschot has successfully supported the economic, social and political development of developing countries and countries in transition. On behalf of the European Commission, Berenschot started providing technical support in Eastern Europe where we helped new member states prepare for integration into the European Union in the area of agriculture, law and internal affairs, and adapting the ‘Acquis Communautaire'. We also helped these countries strengthen their government structures in general. In recent years, Berenschot has supplied experts throughout the world to more than 75 development projects undertaken by the European Commission.

Berenschot is currently providing technical support in projects in various countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America which are receiving foreign aid. These projects are focused on reshaping the public sector and managing donor funds in the relevant countries, for example.

In this regard, we work with international experts who are deployed locally in a team setting. Besides the European Commission, UNDP and the World Bank also are important clients.