Policy Research and Evaluation

Accurate, objective and reliable information is vital to the development, implementation and evaluation of policy and strategy. In the current information society, acquiring information is virtually effortless

Many different parties are communicating their visions and rapidly finding their way to the political arena through modern media. Often, this results in a profusion of divergent opinions and judgements, making it difficult for decision-makers to find their way through this tangle. Particularly in a turbulent political context.

To support public organisations and NGOs in policy research and evaluation, Berenschot ensures:

  • Reliability of information and validity of conclusions, by making a clear distinction between findings (based on reliable information) and evaluative conclusions (based on valid analysis).
  • Combined qualitative and quantitative research, depending on the nature of the analysis required.
  • Structured data collection by linking in the design phase research / evaluation questions to indicators or judgement criteria and to sources, etc.

The result is a clear analysis on which you can base your judgement. This may involve the selection of an instrument, the organisation of an implementation project, the modification or termination of a policy or the assessment of a potential integrity issue.

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