Private Sector Investment

The Private Sector Investment (PSI) program offers grants to international entrepreneurs that are jointly investing with Dutch partners.

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs stimulates private investment projects in emerging markets through the PSI grant program. Companies from emerging markets jointly investing in local production facilities with their Dutch counterparts, can benefit from 50 % to 60 % grants. To formalise the mutual commitment, PSI requires the establishment of a joint venture. Investment projects up to € 1.5 million can be co-funded under the program. The PSI grant covers costs for e.g. equipment, installation, training and project management.
Almost all countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are eligible. Examples of other eligible countries are Colombia, Suriname, Macedonia, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.
PSI grant requests can be submitted through a Call for Proposals twice a year. Requests with the highest scores are selected for funding.

Berenschot offers you

  • Expertise on management and organisation consulting since 1938
  • High success rates in organising projects and realising public funding (including PSI and preceding programs)
  • Ability to quickly mobilise local consultants in 70 countries
  • Experience in international projects in most parts of the world
  • Wide-range of expertise in public and private sector


PSI grant applications can be submitted through a Call for Proposals and applications with the highest scores are selected for funding. A PSI grant application includes a detailed business plan and a well-founded project proposal. The next deadline for submitting PSI grant application is expected in March 2014. This will be the final tender, afterwards the programme will be ended. For years Berenschot has successfully assisted companies in the application process.

A few examples of projects in
emerging markets implemented with international grants, realised with support of Berenschot.

  • Investment in taxi control centre in Cape Verde, co-funded by PSI grant
  • Multimodal distribution terminal in Russia to import and customise agricultural machinery, co-funded by PSI grant
  • Setting up a production and distribution network for solar home systems in the Philippines, co-funded by PSI grant
  • Construction of three power plants and distribution networks in Tanzania, co-funded by ORIO grant
  • Organisation of distribution network for solar lighting products in several countries in Africa, co-funded by PPP grant

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